Next phase for many is a time to give back and make our communities better places to live now and in the future.village-little-houses

Retiring Boomers have more time on their hands and feel the need to give back. We bring a lifetime of experience and skills that many organizations and causes need and value. Instead of looking for being paid, boomers are now looking to pay back in the community.

Opportunities for Boomers in community service are abundant. Our community cares deeply about the needs of health-challenged, less fortunate and underserved populations. We want to help people out of the mainstream who may be homeless and hungry. We care about all animals. Protecting our amazing environment is in our DNA.

Many of these community service organizations are non-profit and almost all-volunteer. Many are grass-roots community groups and others are sponsored by churches and civic groups. Many people – like you – start and run them.

Other community service opportunities are found in local government where citizens serve as advisors on boards, committees and commissions.

The following list includes links to community organizations that serve vulnerable populations in our area, and links to their volunteer pages. Descriptions are summarized from information publicly available on the organization’s website at the time of publication/posting.