portland-sign-1WHAT DO YOU DO?

Now that you have some free time in your life, do friends ask, “What do you do?”

Have you figured out an answer yet? Many Boomers look forward to finding the time they thought they never had, but then not knowing what to do with it. Many Boomers are searching for activities that mean something to them or make a difference, but don’t know where to start. Today’s Boomers enjoy literally unlimited choices for re-inventment, but no one can know all of them, because they’re ever changing.

So where can you both find what you want, and then keep current as it evolves?

Right here, of course. Our “Things to Do” list offers a wide variety of categories and types of interest.

Just click the category that piques your curiosity and a discovery file will open for reading or downloading. These are the starting points to help you find descriptions, locations and links to resources such as contacts, classes, clubs and volunteer pages.