About Us

It’s a great time to be a Baby Boomer. Every day, Boomers are discovering that “retirement” is simply an avenue toward “re-inventment!” Life isn’t winding down for Boomers – it’s amping up! And that’s why this Website is chock full of Boomer resources – to make it easy for you to find exactly what you want to do and be in this exciting new life chapter.

Research shows that Boomers want to live with purpose and fulfillment. They want to be active and productive. They want to dig in the dirt, plant and harvest community gardens, restore wetlands and wildlife habitat. They like to guide groups around nature centers, art galleries and museums. Many serve on public committees. Others teach kids to read, play music, dance, garden or create art. They learn music, lead hikes, paddle dragon boats, walk goats at the zoo, count birds and clean up parks. Boomers learn new skills and start businesses. They study the world, meet new people, volunteer, improve our communities and lots more.

We hope you’re getting the idea that Boomer status can be pretty darn exciting!

We also realize that this phase can be intimidating – “What do I do now?” That’s why we created Boomers on the Loose – to take the anxiety out of your quest for “what’s next?” On our Website, you’ll be able to explore relevant and current options for meaningful leisure pursuits in hundreds of interest areas. You’ll find:

  • References and links to Portland area activities, events, clubs, diversions, and volunteer activities.
  • Personal stories about unique Boomer pursuits.
  • Handy tips and practical advice from active Boomers.
  • Blogs about real Boomers and where they’re hanging out.
  • A place to share your story, ideas and unique pursuits.
  • A short questionnaire to point you in the right direction.

So get ready to do something big, Boomers. Use our resources to zero in on your passion, then check back here often to see what’s new on the Boomer landscape!