dscn3760-croppedEvery day, Portland area Boomers pour their love for animals into many channels of volunteer work…

  • They care for animals that have been abused and abandoned.
  • They feed, walk, and work with animals at the zoo.
  • They team up with therapy animals.

If animals occupy your special heart place, get involved in animal-related volunteer work. You’ll discover interesting, fulfilling and out-of-the ordinary opportunities.

Follow the links below to get more information and specific references for:

Animal Rescue and Adoption
If your heart goes out to homeless, sick, abandoned or abused animals, volunteering in animal rescue and adoption may be a rewarding activity for you. All types of animal shelters exist in the Portland area and rely on volunteers to fulfill a wide variety of shelter caregiving jobs. They serve many types of small animals including cats, dogs, birds, and even rabbits.

Animal Therapy Programs
People-animal teams seek to improve the lives of others. They brighten the days of those they visit in hospitals, hospice, nursing homes, mental institutions, and other places. Their visits calm the emotionally challenged, give confidence to the disabled, and connect to those with special needs. They bring smiles to children a hospital, the elderly in nursing homes, and patients and families in hospice, nursing homes and treatment centers. In libraries, children improve reading skills by reading to special dogs, by nature, non-judgmental listeners.