Boomers heading into a next phase want to be healthy and fit enough to enjoy it. And the secret formula is really no secret – exercise and diet are the best “magic pills” we have for a healthy quality of life.

Being healthy and fit helps improves our mental fitness, balance, stamina, flexibility, strength, mobility and ability to ward off disease.

Exercise is essential because it strengthens our hearts. When Boomers adopt an exercise program, we feel better and can do more.

Already healthy and fit? Try a new activity to help keep you on track. Or, if you had a sedentary, butt-in-the seat job, look for a gradual program to start exercising. Try these three steps:

  • Step One – Fit fitness activity into your life by thinking about what activities you enjoy or always wanted to try. Do you like the outdoors? Do you prefer being indoors for fitness classes or water exercise? Always wanted to dance? Golf? Garden, do yard work? Walk the dog?
  • Step Two – Next think about your goals? More energy, stamina to keep up with your spouse, friends, kids, or grandkids? Weight loss? Better body image? Improved quality of life? Better sleep? Make new friends?
  • Step Three –Scope out your options. Fitness opportunities – outdoor and indoor — surround Boomers in our own communities. Choices of places, programs, and classes for your fitness quest are endless. Add the huge benefit, yes benefit, of age – many fitness activities are either free or discounted for adults and older adults. Look for them. Two of them – Silver&Fit® and SilverSneakers® – no cost fitness programs included in many senior health plans and group retirement plans.

Check out our rundown of Boomer-popular, fun and readily available fitness options by downloading Fitness Options.