What is challenging your mind in your world? dsc_0576-cropped

Understanding current events, some historical curiosity, some unexplored mystery of life? Now that you have more time available, your interests may turn to learning more about topics that fascinate you in your community, state or country.

“We learn from each other and never stop learning” is a familiar Boomer Mantra, and it perfectly expresses the passion members have for the Senior Studies Institute (SSI). Year-round, senior learners enjoy a variety of speakers ranging from former Governor Barbara Roberts and author Brian Doyle, to local old-camera enthusiast Ralph London.

Sponsored by Portland Community College, SSI is one of many lively senior learning forums you can find at a variety of education venues around town.

While Internet and TV screens bring the world to your easy chair, it’s far more interesting and fun to mix it up with others who share your interests. There are many low- or no-cost forums in your community to learn more about topics that fascinate you.

Start your search in obvious and easy-to-find places that offer a rich array of interesting topics:

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