Maybe you’ve spent years chained to a desk, your eyes radar-locked on a computer spreadsheet and now, on the cusp of your next phase, it’s time for a change of scenery!dsc_0447-cropped

You can morph from corporate beige to northwest green without a digital device. Experience tangible, touchable scenery. Photograph worthy landmarks. Go outside, away from all things electronic. Surround yourself with “now-that’s-a-tree” firs, nature parks and rivers. Backdrop your tableau with northwest blue, or grey sky – even the rain has great beauty. Go to places where you can infuse fresh air into a foggy brain.

Portland’s natural location means access to hundreds of forest and mountain trails, rivers, lakes, and out-of-the-way wetlands, watersheds, rivers and natural dramatic features beckoning to be explored. In old Portland, you can admire neighborhoods known for their architectural interest and walkability. Discover the abundant neighborhood parks right in your backyard. And don’t forget the food carts, outdoor microbreweries, and wineries. It’s time to discover hidden nature gems in our cities within walking and driving distance.

You do have a plan don’t you?
You probably have a vision for next phase, but do you have a plan for living out your vision? Consider some important facts as you begin to map out your newly found free time…dsc_0231-cropped

  • You’re two hours from the coast; one hour to a mountain; less to wine country.
  • In your own community, you’re likely just minutes from a park or community gathering place.
  • Portland is Outdoor Town USA. Outdoors is more a culture than a place here. Our culture goes beyond forests, the coast and mountains. It’s our community’s commitment to parks, gardens, arts and cultural festivals, business areas, and community centers.

In your next phase plan, then, turn electronics to the “Not Now” mode and make regular appearances outdoors.

Think about what appeals to you, and start to explore some of these activities and get outdoors!

  • Cycling. Grab your helmet and a map and pedal around cycling routes, trails, and clubs, events.
  • Fitness Sports and Activities. Places to get fit through sports of walking, running/jogging, swimming, tennis, and golf.
  • Gardening. Get the dirt on local gardening; how to enjoy, learn, socialize, volunteer, and grow stuff in Portland area gardens.
  • Hiking, Walking. Walk and hike your way through natural, wildlife and scenic areas.
  • Local Adventures. Day trip to new outdoor experiences and adventures.
  • On the Water. Explore the places and people of paddle sports in a kayak, canoe, dragon boat or fishing boat.
  • Outdoor Concerts, Farmers Markets, Art Shows, and Festivals. What better way to blend culture and outdoors in Portland’s amazing summers.
  • Outdoor Volunteering. Volunteer for environmental or ecological areas — at parks and natural areas, wildlife refuges, trails, rivers and other outdoor places.